NGEN ITG is an innovative IT governance framework of which ontology lies on the relationship whereas traditional IT governance frameworks ontology lies on the process. The essence of NGEN ITG is embodied in the notion a regime [Fr : régime] , a notion from political science and which is deeply rooted in French history and culture.

As a matter of fact, NGEN ITG defines IT governance with a dual definition (© Tru Dô-Khac, France)
- «  IT governance regime : a [governance] regime for IT,
- IT governance : definition, application and management of IT governance regime(s)
. »

Under the empire of this definition, NGEN ITG has defined a framework to craft IT governance regimes.

« Value Level Agreement  » labels an IT governance regime pattern which is crafted under NGEN ITG and is oriented to value creation.

Notes : NGEN ITG is built on the legacy of the IT governance framework created by Tru Dô-Khac, Paris, France.
This legacy which includes Value Level Agreement was revealed in L'externalisation des télécoms d'entreprise published by Hermes Lavoisier 2005 (, ISBN 2-7462-1064-9, and subsequent articles published in selected magazines, La Jaune et La Rouge, ISSN 0021-5554, Ecole Polytechnique ( alumni magazine among others. All content of this book and articles including text, graphics, logos, icons, and images is protected by French and international copyright laws. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

Published by Tru Dô-Khac, Paris, France on June 13. 2010.
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